Training and Education

We provide corporate training in the use of FOSSGIS such as QGIS, PostgreSQL/PostGIS, and Geoserver. We also develop training materials and provide educator training to foster the study of GIS and geospatial technology at schools and universities.

Deployment and Support

We provide services to help you deploy and maintain FOSSGIS systems within your organisation. This includes PostgreSQL/PostGIS databases, Linux based servers, QGIS on desktops and servers, Mapserver, Geoserver and GeoNode and many others

Software Development

We provide bespoke services for the development of custom solutions to meet your business needs. These include desktop, web and mobile application development using FOSSGIS. Our web application development services are focused on applications that have a geospatial component where we use technologies such as GeoDjango, OpenLayers, and PostGIS.

More About Kartoza.

We are Free and Open Source GIS (FOSSGIS) Service providers providing a global service to individuals, companies and governments around the world who are looking to leverage the power of the Free Software movement to solve geospatial problems.

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